by Lazarus Finger

As a professional nail technician I am always on the hunt for the latest in nail innovations. To provide my clients with the best possible services available the first thing I need to look for is products and brands that pride their selves on quality. This is precisely what MAKARTT delivers! 

Myself being a huge fan of the products MAKARTT provides, and already personally owning many of their products including their RECHARGABLE NAIL DRILL POLY GEL SYSTEM I simply had to give this dust collector a try!

Before we get into this review lets learn a little bit about MAKARTT. 

MAKARTT is specialized in manicure & pedicure products, including nail dust collector, nail drill machine, nail drill bit set, nail fan dryer, nail curing lamp, gel polish, nail polish holder, nail polish remover, nail files, nail tips, nail brush, dipping powder nail set and foot care tools, satisfying all your needs for nail art.
MAKARTT aims to establish a professional manicure online mall which provides all kinds of high quality manicure tools for the nail technician or nail addicts.
For every new product, they are the designer and the first users. Every MAKARTT product will be tested by their testing team to ensure your good shopping experience.

First of all this thing is POWERFULL!!! Providing a whopping 60 watts of power with two on deck 5,000 RPM fans and two motors.
With a beautiful and durable design this dust collector is not only powerful but pleasing to the eyes. Made of flame retardant ABS plastic this product is sure to withstand a beating by constant use with and near an arsenal of solvents and powerful products / chemicals. After using this product daily for a few weeks now, I can personally attest to the functionality of this dust collector. This product had no trouble easily sucking up 99% off all the dust caused from product filing both acrylics and hard / soft gels which can be terrible for your health over long term exposure.

Although it is worth reminding that a certain sound will be produced due to this products high 60W power usage, it is quiet enough to not be a sound nuisance at all!

With a durable automotive quality no spill HEPA air filter this product has both the ability and capacity to hold an entire days worth of collected dust made from electric nail filing. Not only is this filter reusable, it can also be periodically replaced buy purchasing a new filter directly from MAKARTT.MAKARTT promises a 3 month money back guarantee on any and all product purchases and a 12 month guarantee for quality control problems and life long maintenance services.

Because of the quality and functionality of this product I am proud to give this review my highest rating of five (5) stars and two thumbs up!

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